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06 November 2013

RemoteApp Feature of Windows

Last week when I was travelling home for vacation, I met a person on Airport. He was from a reputed company (I would rather choose not to disclose his identity as I never took his permission). I was discussing about virtualization of applications. He told me that Windows itself has the capacity of doing so,

Enthusiastically I searched over internet for the possibility which I'm sharing here. Thought that this may be useful for people who like to explore.

To start with, I would like to present 2 major topics about RemoteApp:

What is RemoteApp

You can visualize the RemoteApp service similar to a CITRIX XenApp service. This service of Windows Server 2008 (or higher) gives the freedom to use an application installed on a server as a local installed application on client. One can connect to the server without actually logging in to the server (ofcourse with proper permission and configurations). For more details, you can visit Microsoft Portal.

Why use RemoteApp

RemoteApp has similar advantages as CITRIX (not all, but serves bare minimum). As a Smartplant Administrator, I see following advantages of using this features.

  • Managing applications at one server instead of each client. This will make life of administrators a lot easier.
  • Using multiple versions of same application without having headache of compatibility.
  • Management of environments would be a lot easier.
  • Upgrades will be easier and much quicker.
I would suggest to give it a shot. This may be useful for you. Let me know your experience as well.

Happy Smartplanting....