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15 April 2013

ISO 15926

We're not alone. No, I'm not talking about the life existence of extra terrestrial planets. I'm talking about the standard EPC flow.

A standard plant may contain half a dozen of EPCs, a dozen of Subcontractoring EPCs and hundreds of equipment suppliers and fabricators from around the world. Those involved in the project can use various combinations of software tools to carry out design, reporting, construction planning and project management. Managing these various tools can be tedious due to lack of interoperability. This leads to losing various information and is hard to translate. Many giant EPCs have their own standard of interoperability for various tools. But this doesn’t serve the purpose for other EPCs.


  • To achieve interoperability, the tools should understand each other output, so that they can take it as input. The ISO 15926 provides a neutral format, through which various data format can pass, without having to know data configuration at either end.
  • In order to achieve this interoperability, the tools should agree to have common language to handover the information between various tools. ISO 15926 provides this platform.
  • All the tools should agree to follow the common rules for exchange of data. ISO 15926 defines the interoperable rules.

Many design tools have agreed to follow the ISO 15926 standard, and are building the interoperable interface for data exchange. Intergraph is right now working on it. I’ll talk about this later. Till then,

Happy Smartplanting…