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29 July 2013

Relation Between .pid file and SPPID drawing

Question - What is the best way to recreate a SPPID drawing?

Best Answer -  Rename the .pid file of the drawing, and open drawing from drawing manager!

Reason - ?????

Last time my friends asked the reason for existence of .pid file, I was completely answer less. I did a small investigation and found some information. Readers are welcome to share further information.

Following are the brief observations of investigation:

  • .pid files works on database connection. Change plant from Drawing Manager and try to open the file directly, it won't work.
  • .pid files are sufficient to work on the drawing. Copy them on local desktop. Open the drawing from .pid file, and work on them. Only difference is that when you launch the corresponding drawing from Drawing Manager, the drawing will be recreated.
  • .pid files have basic information about drawing and its template. Create a custom template with few xml labels, use it in drawing, open .pid file in notepad and you can view the xml script.
  • .pid file also works as a log file. Try this - on each operation, like placing object, editing attributes, deleting objects, check the latest .pid file. You can view information about each operation.
  • Rename a .pid file, open that drawing using DM, recreate drawing, do some operation, and then compare both the .pid files.
  • Try to edit any single character on original .pid file and save it. The drawing won't respond on open event.  You'll have to rename or delete that .pid file.
Summary of the observation. .pid file is one which has
  1. Encrypted information about the plant.
  2. Encrypted or plain information about Drawing and Template.
  3. Stores log for each operation.
  4. On drawing open event Database matches information on .pid file, if everything looks fine, it opens the drawing. If doesn't match, recreates the drawing. If anything is wrong, doesn't respond!
Till next post...

Happy Smartplanting...