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12 July 2013

Free stuck seat in SPLM

  When I was working as SPPID designer, I had a favourite place where I always wanted to sit. But unfortunately the computer wasn't used for SPPID drafting, because license used to stuck for each SPPID drawing open event, even after exit.

Normally the tools, on launch talks to the SPLM server on a TCP port. The server checks for free seats and as per availability it assigns license to the client on a particular TCP port and blocks the seat. For some reason, may be on system crash, or bad network response of a particular system, when the license is set free by the system, it doesn't acknowledges the SPLM server. As result SPLM considers the seat to be busy and doesn't release the port. Therefore on scavenging for new seat, it shows the seat as non recoverable.

Recently I was searching for an option to recover the seat, and got a wonderful solution. It worked for me. But isn't approved by any authorized personnel. So I would suggest that you perform the steps on your own risk.

The following activity should be the last option, when other options suggested by Intergraph doesn't work.
By following steps, I released stuck seat:

  • Go to the license server.
  • Open command prompt with Administrator privilege.
  • Type 'netstat -p TCP -o'. Netstat displays protocol statistics and network connections, -p displays connections for protocols which will be TCP for our case, and -o will display owning Process ID or PID.
  • In Foreign Address column, find your client computer which will be followed by ':Port No'.
  • Check corresponding PID.
  • Goto Task Manager-> Processes Tab.
  • Select View->Select Columns...
  • Check PID and press OK.
  • Search for the related PID. It should be a svchost.exe process. 
  • Select Process and press End Task.
  • Scavenge SPLM. Seat should be free.
If this work for you, please let me and others know.

Important: Please read this message.

Happy Smartplanting...