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28 June 2013

Error: Out of Stack Space!

Ever got the error message 'Out of Stack Space' while running any application? If yes you're welcome to read the reason. If not, you're not an exception! You may get this error.

Many users experience this error while launching or running applicaions. There is a way to avoid this error while working with SP3D drawings. But sometimes (that too in exception) it fails. According to Microsoft, following are the possible reasons for this error in VB applications:

  • The code has too many active Function, Sub or Property procedure calls.
  • Local variable is having less space allocated than required.
  • Too many fixed length strings in the code is also a possible reason for this error.
  • Too many nested DoEvents function call.
  • Code has triggered an event cascade.
To get more details on the reasons, visit MSDN link.
Right now this error is reported with SPPID 2009 SP5. You can share if you experience with any other application or version.

Happy Smartplanting...