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05 June 2013

SmartPlant Enterprise Control Panel

Hexagon Live is in process. For those who missed it ( I consider most of the readers, including me), there is a news. Intergraph has announced a new tool, the Smartplant Enterprise Control Panel.

The tool is reported to be a central administration tool. It will help to administer all the Smartplant tool from a single control panel. It will provide an easy interface for data flow among tools in a particular projects. The tool will also include the reporting facility, through which report of any discipline can be extracted easily. Intergraph has also stated that it will give a richer user experience, and the administrators will be pleased with the tool.

According to Intergraph, in an integrated project, the user can easily enable or disable any property mapped among tools. The tool is capable enough to control or manage data flow among various tools of smartplant.

It seems that Intergraph is trying to centralize the Control of each tools in one Remote. But how much successful can it be for the tools like SPPID or SP3D, where separate tools are required to manage separate   tasks.

If you wish to know more, visit Intergraph News Release. Till next post...

Happy Smartplanting