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11 August 2013

Boost up Citrix performance

Citrix has been playing vital role for Smartplant. Most of the industry giants are using Citrix. But many people have different opinions for Citrix experiences. Recently I talked to a CITRIX expert. I understood few possible reasons why Citrix application may slow down compared to local installation. I'm breaking it in parts to make it more clearer.

Understanding why computer slows down

Following are few main reasons (according to experts) due to which a PC may slow down at the end of the day:
  • Less or no Page File available. Page File is the memory on disk which is used when the RAM is unable to handle processes.
  • The files may be fragmented. Your computer starts a new file at the end of address assigned to old file. So practically your old file never ends. This is called Fragmentation.
  • Computer disk drive may be failing. Your disk drive is wearing continuously.

Looking at slow Network performance reasons

  • Too many users on server.
  • Duplex and speed mismatch. It is like two cars trying to pass one another on a one way street while moving in opposite directions. 
  • Poor network design.
  • Inhouse loosely developed applications.

Improving CITRIX performance

  • Scale out by Adding Servers
  • Scale out by Adding Memory.
  • Scale up by moving to Windows X64.
  • Monitor Page File.
  • Monitor Disk Drive performance.
  • Plan Network.
Hope this will help you...

Happy Smartplanting