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05 June 2013

Smartplant Instrumentaion 2013 Released at Hexagon

At Hexagon meet in Las Vegas, Intergraph has released a major new version of Smartplant Instrumentation. It is stated to be 'best-of-class solutions to address the business drivers of today and tomorrow'.

According to Intergraph, following are the innovations in Smartplant Instrumentation 2013 version:

  • Integration has been major focus in this version. The To-Do list has been improved with intuitive user controls and management tools.
  • Separate Access Rights is now available for Index Supporting tables to streamline and manage data ownership.
  • Custom Unit of Measure (UoM) can be added.
  • Standards support has been updated.

May be this is not all what the version will provide. These are just highlights of major changes. To know more about the release, please visit Intergraph News Releases.

Happy Smartplanting