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22 January 2013

And I thought as Project -Part 1

Till the day I started writing this post, I used to think that in SPPID, a plant is referred as a project. Never thought (actually never worked on this) of what As-Bult service does Smartplant provides. Was going through a post in DaveTyner forum. Here is my new exploration SPPID I wanted to share.

Once a plant is designed, built and is in operation mode, the SPPID diagram undergoes only modification. In such case, it becomes mandatory to control the P&ID drawings so that it should be edited in a proper fashion. SPPID has got the ability to control the P&ID drawings in As-Built state. This ability is known as Project. A project is an as-built facility in SPPID. It controls the drawing and restrict the user to edit drawing in general way. In short, once the Plant goes to Project state, there is a controlled step to edit, or modify drawing.

Plant and Project
Plant is  a logical unit that represents an actual physical plant. Project is a logical unit related to a plant. Project deals with subsets of drawings and plant item that exists in plant. A drawing inside a project cannot be modified directly. A plant can have multiple projects. Various Units of Area(s) can be configured under any project. To edit or modify any drawing inside a project, the drawing(s) is/are checked out, edited, and then checked in. 

In part 2 I'll share how to configure a Project inside a plant.

Till then Happy Smartplanting...