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28 September 2012

XenApp, Virtually Everywhere


This post is apart from Smartplant Automation. But is an imortant application used for virtualization of desktop applications. Here I'll discuss about CITRIX XenApp.

Citrix XenApp is an application delivery solution for application managed in the datacenter virtualized and centralised and delivers the service to the user anywhere and on any device.

Let us view the benefits of Citrix XenApp with smartplant tools. We all know that any EPC project has a minimum life of 3 years upto plant is built (please ignore my lack of knowledge if it is done in shorter duration). In this duration Intergraph release many upgrades for their tool (Including service packs or version). The clients demands that every thing should be done on updated versions of Smartplant tools.

Now if the upgrades require in upgrade of OS (MS Window), or (very rare case) Hardware of systems running the application tool, and we have around 50-100 computers to be upgraded, then it will definitely be a friction for project time as well as cost.

Citrix here plays a very good role to limit the cost and time. If the Application (here Smartplant Tool) is running on CITRIX XenApp, you'll just need to upgrade one server. That's it. You can fire the applications just in single upgrade.

And the tool amdinistrators will support such environment. On local installed application, if any thing needs to be changed (suppose new ItemTag.dll in case of SPPID), it will be applied on each system. But for CITRTX server, change it for one machine and it will be available on every machine.

Hope that is enough for you to understand the key benifit of virtualized, centralized application management system.

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