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21 September 2012

Understanding Smartplant P&ID : Layman's way

As my first post on SPPID, I chose this as my first topic. Before I say anything about SPPID (you can say advertising, because I'm working on it), lets understand why Smartplant.

Being a part of engineering design, we need a complete platform where we can integrate all our data to make it information. Why? Because it validates the data. You can imagine it the same way you synchronize your gmail or yahoo account contacts to facebook account. You just need to select and send friendship request to the friends you already know. This reduces a lot of redundancy. Intergraph, smartly is reducing this redundancy of information, and is increasing accuracy.

The Smartplant P&ID tool is not about drafting. It is about preparing a base for each Engineering tool. It is more about the initial data for other Smartplant tools than just drafting. Intergraph has smartly developed this tool, so that we can reuse its data in each department without having any tension regarding the process data.

Suppose there is a P&ID about Storage of a particular fluid. We'll have several pipes of different process data, Storage tanks of some process data, and Instruments located near Storage tanks. With SPPID tool, we can provide each process data related to Pipes, Instruments, and Storage Tank.

Now suppose Instrumentation department is dealing with a particular control valve, they will again need to re work on getting process data for the pipes on which valves are located and create a report. But using SPPID and SPI, they can fetch all the process data of not only that single control valve, but also of every instrument mentioned on that particular P&ID. Doesn't it reduce time and rework?